"Keeping your Business running"


Supporting you

Any Network or System that you can do with out, is by definition, a waste of money!

There is no single "best way", to support a system, because the relative costs between hardware and labour, are not fixed. Sometimes it's more cost effective to have a "Hot Standby System", sometimes "it's out of the question".

My aim is to ensure that you have the best arrangements for every aspect of support, together with your staff trained to manage most situations. This approach is fundamental to our design philosophy for your system, and it saves you money.

Important Choices

The following will be highlighted as part of the system design / review process.

  • System critical hardware will be either duplicated, and /or covered by the manufacturers own hardware support contract.
  • Workstations, and other non-system critical hardware, will either be provisioned to give sufficient redundancy to cope with an isolated failure, and/or will be covered by manufacturers support.
  • Full functionality canl be restored, to workstations and servers as necessary by use of disk imaging techniques, and backups. This process will be automated to enable most members of staff to return a system to it's previous working state.
  • Configuration files for ancillary devices such as Routers, Printer Servers etc., will be stored on the server, together with whatever utilities are required.