"Building systems on firm foundations"



The following are a small representative sample of task completed for clients.


Providing "everyday" regular IT Support

Out of Hours Roll-Outs

Implimenting a Wireless LAN

Replacing expensive leased lines with a VPN (Virtual Private network)

Design, implementation, and support of a UK wide "routed network"

Design, support & management of an Intranet.

Enhancing internet/intranet security.

Advising and implementation of Internet connections.

Creating a Database driven Product Web-Site

Creating Web-Links to display tracking/POD information from Couriers intranet sites.

Design, Management & Support of a muti-site Customer Service Call Centre

Investigation of the use of networking technology for surveillance.

Design of resilient client systems for 24x7x365 operation

Assisting clients in handling a "failing" supplier.

Assisting clients to improve their use of applications.

Assisting clients to "Select and Manage" a major network contractor.

Assisting clients to relocate

Solving complex networking problems