"A key player in your team."




My aim is for you to be able to contact me easily during, and often outside working hours. If you hear the message "The mobile phone you have called may be switched of", you'll know it isn't, because I don't switch it off! That way, if I'm away from my phone, I'll know if it has been called, and can check my messages. Similarly, my office answering machine is always on, whether I'm in or out. That way, you can leave a message, when I'm on another call.


As a graduate of Salford University, who's early career was in research and development, my approach to work, be that problem solving or system design and development, is based upon a detailed understanding of the technologies involved.

The old saying goes, "The person who has never made a mistake, has never made anything.", but it's the desire not to make mistakes, and the attitude to correcting them that distinguishes the profesionals from the cowboys.